Hath God Said? Emergent Church Theology

Hath God Said_ Emergent Church Theology - Elliott NeschThe labels Emergent Church, Emerging Church, Emergence Christianity, and New Christianity all imply innovative and progressive understandings of Orthodox Christianity. Like nailing jello to a wall, many have attempted to understand and define the Emergent movement only to be frustrated and confused.

At the heart of the Emerging movement is the worldview of postmodernism which teaches that truth is relative and subjective. This book by Elliott Nesch demonstrates how postmodernism is incompatible with a biblical worldview of absolute truth and the authority of the Scriptures on various topics including feminism, homosexuality, hell, mysticism, eschatology, Jesus Christ and the Gospel of the Kingdom of God and more.

In Hath God Said? – Emergent Church Theology, the teachings of the Emergent movement are exposed in light of Scripture. Also by comparing early Church writings with Emergent writings, it becomes evident that the Emerging Church is not preaching the faith once delivered to the saints. This book is currently available as a free PDF, or available for purchase as paperback or Kindle edition.